New Attractive Real Estate Destination – Hill Stations of India

Since family income is rising, hill stations in India are becoming attractive real estate destinations for more and more Indians. While some want an embode in hill stations as only a holiday home, others want it as a second home they can drop in any time they want a break from a fast life. According to a survey, Indian hill stations are budding as credible residential options. Gone are the days when owning a house in the hills was mostly looked from an investment point of view, today a large majority of home buyers are ready to move into the hills and are looking at these destinations for residing purpose in the near future.

With 37 percent, majority of survey takers articulated that for them the purpose of buying a house in the hills was clearly for self use, be it for now or for future. Another 29 percent people want to look at such options as a holiday destination or weekend getaway. Interestingly, only 21 percent want to buy real estate in the hilly areas as possible investment options. The remaining 14 percentĀ  is made up of those who want to come out of the city life and plan to settle post-retirement in these areas.