UP-RERA cancel Ansal API Project, Penalise Supertech, Mahagun


The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) imposed a fine under Section-63 of RERA against several developers and builders. The list consists names of well-known developers and others as well. Some of them are Supertech, Mahagun India, Ansal Properties and Infrastructure, and Logix Infrastructure. The fine imposed for the lack of compliance with authority orders.

Fine a totaling Rs 1.24 crore was imposed on these developers. Other developer names include Sare Saamag Realty, T.G.B. Real Estate, Nivas Promoters, Newtech Promoters and Developers, I.V.R. Prime Developers, Logix City Developers, and La Residentia Developers.

The authority ordered these developers to enforce their orders and pay the fine amount within one month, otherwise, the fine will be levied as arrears of revenue from the land.

Show-Cause Notice to Ansal API-

UP-RERA has canceled registration of Ansal API project at Pocket 4, Sector-O, Sushant Golf City. The authority sent a show-cause notice to the developer and reason to revoke the registration of their project in May 2019 for violation of the registration terms and conditions.

After considering the developer’s response, the authority puts a stay on the decision of show-cause notice. For a duration of 4 months subject to the nine conditions described in the mentioned order. The developer did not comply with the order, and the authority on 5 September 2020 ordered the developer to submit a report on compliance with its order.

After considering the response of the Ansal API Promoter dated 14 October 2020 and their oral presentations, the authority immediately decided to withdraw the registration of this project due to the violations of following rules:-

Violations by Ansal API developer-

  1. Irregularities committed during the sale of project units.
  2. The money received from the allottees without getting a sanctioned map of the project and it comes under the illegal trading practice. 
  3. The developer has not done any work in the last 9 years, that is, since 2011.
  4. The developer misuse an amount of Rs 16.03 crore received from the allottees of the project.
  5. The required compliance’s, including the QPR of the project, not presented on the authority website.
  6. They didn’t follow the guidelines of the local authorities regarding complaints from the allottees. 

The authority restricts the developer’s access to the project registration page, which is available on the authority’s website. It also froze the project’s escrow account in HDFC Bank, Hazratganj branch. Further the authority has set up a project monitoring and advisory committee chaired by UP-RERA member Bhanu Pratap Singh to facilitate the remaining project work in accordance with RERA section 8.

UP-RERA has taken this decision to protect the home buyer’s interests and ensure compliance with the provisions of the RERA Act. This is the third project of the Ansal API that has been de registered by the authority.

Hearing Option is available-

UP-RERA also decided to allow the parties a physical hearing option from 1 May 2021, subject to strict compliance with the Covid-19 Protocol, where applicable. The parties not allowed to change the physical hearing option after choosing it.

The Authority reviews complaints virtually through the electronic legal system, taking into account the need to include Covid-19.

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