Thane: Connectivity-Based Popular Realty Destination

Connectivity is considered as one of the major factors which makes Thane in Mumbai as one of the top most and popular realty destination. In fact connectivity fuels Thane’s popularity.
Connectivity holds the growth-key of Thane

Connectivity holds the growth-key of Thane.

A few couple of years or decades back, Thane remained as an unpopular suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, right now this has become one of the most popular suburbs in the region.

Though the well planned development and schemes of the Authority plays a key role in the growth of Thane, the main role is played by the connectivity which has attracted more population to the city. Along with the infrastructure growth the connectivity of the area got developed.

The area is all set to be a fully–developed city in all spheres. With easier connectivity to Brahamand, Ghodbunder Road, Owala and Patlipada, the city becomes a hub for all the other areas of the city. Moreover there is a simultaneous and concurrent growth of commerce and infrastructure in the city.

With all these factors the people are floating to Thane now. It has already become a popular home destination. Once the City center is fully crowded, the people started shifting to other suburbs. So at present, there is an expansion of the city into other close suburban areas.

Thane grows more popular due to its higher connectivity

Thane grows more popular due to its higher connectivity

Ghodbunder Road is one of the leading suburbs which are growing very fast. There are a vast number of new launches in this area now. The growth of the area is mainly due to its self-sustenance as it has commercial hubs and other economic centers in the city.

With the arrival of manufacturing sector in the area the city has become more demanded. Though the manufacturing sector is mainly located on the Ghodbunder road, the city now has more job opportunities. The development of many entertainment complexes, shopping malls like Eternity and Korum also boosts the growth of the city.

However one has to agree with the fact that the connectivity is the keyword which controls the growth of Thane. The city is well connected to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai through Highways and Expressways like Mumbai Eastern and Western Express Highways.

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