Real Estate Firm Sued By SWB For Property Damage

AP State Wakf Board (SWB) plans to sue a real estate firm for damaging its property. Wakf Board officials told that a real estate firm has encroached upon some of Wakf properties in Lakdi-ka-pul.
wakf board sues real estate firm

Real estate firm faces sue from the Wakf board.

The base of the case begins with GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) sanctioning a real estate firm to construct a commercial structure near Mumtaz Mansion in Lakdi-ka-pul. The GHMC sanction of a G+4 commercial building was granted to an extent of 2125 sq. m.

The real estate builder soon started foundation works at the site. Later it came to light that some graves were damaged while foundation works were going on. This was reported to the chief minister as well.

Inspections carried out by the SWB found that nearly 621 sq. m. of Wakf property was infringed by the real estate developer. The Wakf property included some graves and some area belonged to a mosque.

wakf board versus real estate developers.

Wakf board stands firm against real estate encroachments.

The board soon brought the matter in front of the GHMC in September. After inspecting the site, GHMC officials sought a clarification from the real estate builder in November. Later the corporation cancelled the permit as the real estate builder failed to explain the matter.

The commissioner of GHMC blamed the real estate developer for gaining permissions through fraud ways. The official said that the real estate builder had shown different plans for obtaining the approval. In one of the plans the graveyard was included while the other missed the graveyard. The first proposed plan included the memorial site while the latter one did not.

Board officials said that many of the Wakf properties are facing encroachment. They added that it was really shocking to see their property in the city center was encroached. They further stated that normally they come to know about the encroachment only after the construction gets over. This was a case in which they came to know about the encroachment early and before the construction was completed.

Sources close to the SWB disclosed that the board will move hard against these intruders. The board is said to file a case against the real estate builders for the compensation.


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