Real Estate Advisory Firm Maxxed Realtor Goes Online

Gurgaon based Maxxed Realtor, a real estate advisory firm, goes online as it launched new website The firm expects to widen its services to the NRIs as well.
Real estate advisory firm plans to launch new website.

Aiming the NRIs, real estate advisory firm launches new website.

With the aim to reach out the Non- Resident Indians (NRIs), Gurgaon based real estate advisory company has launched a new website. The real estate advisory firm also aims to create awareness about the brand among them.

Maxxed Realtor believes that they will be able to widen their services to the NRIs by using the online systems. While launching the new website, Mr. Sandeep Singh, Chairman of Maxxed Realtors, said that website has become essential for all sorts of businesses. He added that his firm never wanted to get behind others in this case.

The new website is really user- friendly and it provides vast amount of information to the clients. Though Maxxed Realtors is comparatively a new player in the real estate industry, it has been well- founded on some experienced real estate experts and agents.

real estate advisory firm goes online to broaden its services

Real estate advisory firm goes online to broaden its services.

At present there are around 30 options available and listed in the site. The investors can choose the best investment option including some projects like IREO Skyon, DLF Skycourt, Tata Primanti and many other projects of reputed brands in Gurgaon.

Adani Oyster Grande, Indiabulls Enigma, Uppal Gurgaon 99, Sobha International City, IREO Gurgaon Hills, IREO Victory Valley, etc. are some other options listed in the site.

The new real estate site has been designed and developed by New Delhi based IT Chimes. The real estate service firm currently offers you vast number of services to the investors as well as the property buyers.  Their service includes Property Search & Transactions, Portfolio Management, Commercial Leasing, NRI Property Services, and others besides Real Estate Advisory services.

Focusing its services from Gurgaon, the advisory firm plans to provide vast amount of information to the people who are looking to buy or invest in the properties of Gurgaon. The site will enable the people to update them with all upcoming residential projects in the area.

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