Ranbir Kapoor’s New Home of 35 Crore

You would be surprised to know that Ranbir has bought a new apartment, which is triple time more than the market price value. The apartment is of minimal price but why Ranbir has paid very high price?


You were surely thinking then what a big deal for a star if he bought a bungalow in such a heavy amount. But you have to know the actual price of the apartment was of only 11 crore but Ranbir has paid 35 crore, why? The answer is “Stars have no negotiation powers .This is the report in The Golden Sparrow by Yogesh Sadhwani.

If to believe on recent news, Ranbir Kapoor has bought a new apartment in Pali Hill. The total area of this apartment is 2,460 square feet. The flat is in highly posh area in Bandra and is very close to his ancestral home ‘Krishna Raj’. Pali Hill is one on the most favorite destination of high class investors and for Bollywood world too.

This apartment has all the luxurious features like swimming pool, health club, party hall, 5 star restaurant and many more basic amenities.

For Bollywood stars the best investment is in real estate sector.

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