Property Investment: Pre-Launch Properties Remain Better

Blooming real estate sector makes property investment probably the best investment option. However the returns are more when they are invested in pre-launch properties.
Property investment in pre-launch projects better as it offers better returns.

Property investment in pre-launch projects is better as it offers faster returns.

The booming nature of real estate market is one of the main reasons which attract the investors to property investment. There are many who have invested in much number of properties. Other forms of investment are incapable of providing better returns as quickly as property investment does.

For them property investment is a faster means to earn better and higher returns and financial benefits. Bank deposits and other financial schemes are only secondary to the property investment.

The most sought after location for property investment is Gurgaon. In fact the city is more or less has become an investor-driven market. However according to many experts the property prices are rocketing in the city mainly due to the presence of vast number of investors.

Property investment is always good as it is less risky  and more profitable.

Property investment: less risky and more profitable and so attracts many.

Other cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. are also notable for property investment. The property prices are already higher in these areas and they still are rocketing due to the presence of property investors in vast numbers.

Most of the investors are investing in the pre-launch projects which give them better returns. In short if the investors is investing only one-tenth of the actual cost of the project, to say Rs.10 lakh in case of a property worth a Rs.1 Cr, the profit will be more as the resale value of that will be more ( as the project is under construction and the property is not completed). The profit gets better according to the longer period of time the property is kept.

Another notable feature of property investment is that the initial stages of a project are driven by the investors. Buyers; who mainly depending on bank loans and other housing loans, are not capable of raising any demand for properties in the beginning stages. On the other end they raise demand for properties once it is completed.

Besides, there are many builders who offer 10 to 12% of interest to the investors for their investment. This also attracts the investors. With all these factors and for many other reasons property investment remains one of the best investment options.

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