Online real estate biz at 4 pc growing over 100 pc annually


erAccording to a survey, the on-line real estate portals have able to gather around four per cent of the total industry transactions and eastern region was fast catching the trend in recent past.

The market share for web portal real estate market was 0.6 per cent 2-3 years back and now it has grown to 4 per cent which is a delightful thing for the web portals operating in the realty market.

The eastern India share on the on-line medium for property dealings are very low compared to west, north and south. The dealings are low but the pace is growing well to catch up with other regions.

The sector was under stress such events bringing both buyers and developers helped in decision making by potential buyers.

The share of on-line in the total real-estate market was small, but the market is hopeful that it will grow sharply with the awareness.

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