Noida Authority and Builders Hope for Solution.

Allahabad High Court is have given Noida Authority time for 02 weeks to sort out the crisis with farmers. The authority have now time to sort out things with farmers, builders and buyers which is a positive intervention. This is providing a window for renegotiating and thus may result in solving issues between all and comes out with a solution that protects the interests of all – buyers, farmers, builders and the state.

Balwinder Kumar the Chairperson of Noida Authority  said, that the authority has announced its willingness to negotiate with Noida farmers. The CEO Rama Raman says, the court’s direction are welcome and they will immediatly start talking to the villagers. The Authority now wants to reassure the aggrieved villagers that we are on their side, and willing to sort out all their issues.

The court directions will benefit all the involved parties. All are hopeful that the Authority will sort out the land row at the earliest.

2 thoughts on “Noida Authority and Builders Hope for Solution.

  1. Hello Sir/Madam,
    Plz tell me what is the bone of contention in the above mention matter, just catch the actual culprits of the matter and do some solution and provide relief to the hole concerns.

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