How to choose a right location for your home

People willing to purchase house have many dreams associated with their new house. They think over lot of factors while purchasing house. Choosing location for the house is also an important factor. Here are few points which can be used while choosing location of the house:

  • Family-friendly – If you are buying a place to rent to families, think carefully about locating it near family-friendly activities: a calm, warm, sandy beach, entertainment parks, lakes and recreation areas. Make sure there are family-friendly restaurants and services in the area.
  • Specialist activities – If you are buying a place to cater to sport enthusiasts, make sure you understand your market well before choosing the property. Below are some examples of specialist markets:
    • Golfers – want to be in proximity of an excellent golf course and comfortable amenities. Golf course locations are often good investments.
    • Windsurfers – want fantastic wind on their beach. They need access to good equipment. They won’t necessarily like the same beach that families prefer.

ยท        Accessibility According to research done by the travel industry, if the            accommodation is located more than an    hour away from a major airport, then 25% of the prospective customers won’t travel there. If the accommodation is more than 1.5 hours away, 50% of the prospective customers won’t travel there. So, if you are planning to rent your property, remember to keep it close to an airport. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Flights – How far away is the airport? How many airlines fly there? How often?  What would be the impact on you if the budget airlines stopped serving the local airport? Does good service last year round, or only during the summer months?
  • Road/Ferry connections – Is this area within easy access of a motorway? How long would it take to drive here from different parts of the UK? Is it simple for UK drivers to navigate the local roads? What would be the impact of road works shutting down the closest access to the motorway?
  • Train Links – Are there direct trains from here to the UK? How often do the trains run? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Is the service consistent through the year? What would be the impact of trains not running?
  • Transport within the region – Is there a good local bus, tube or tram system? What is the best way for people to get around the area?
  • Car Hire Rental rates – Is there a good stock of rental cars? How much do they cost? Are there plenty of family cars available? Are there plenty of cars large enough to hold windsurfing/golfing/skiing equipment? Are there any restrictions on who can drive? What impact would it be if the car rental rates went up significantly, or the stock of cars available decreased?

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