2BHKs at the Top of Sale Chart in Housing

The smaller apartments are selling big! Presently, the maximum demand is for 2BHK residential apartments and the supply is fullfiling this demand. No wonder, some developers claim 55-60 percent of their current inventories are 2BHK units, the GM – Marketing of Ashiana Housing Ltd., Atma Sharan, says the same, “About 55-60 per cent of our inventory comprises 2BHKs. It is definitely the fastest growing segment, particularly since for the first-home buyers as they are at the beginning of their careers and married life.”

The maximum demand for the 2-bedroom units is from the middle-income group nuclear families typically a middle-class salaried employee hailing across sectors, like government employees, school teachers, or employed in the BPO, IT, banking and service sectors. Also the middle level self-employed professionals. This is likely for nuclear families with small kids where a third bedroom is not a necessity and not worth the additional cost. A lot of developers, who were primarily focusing on luxurious housing earlier, have changed their focus to the smaller units as it is said that “the pot of gold lies at the bottom of the pyramid, and that is where everyone wants to get.” The 2BHKs are doing particularly well as they tend to attract the first time buyer who is young, has just married and taken the first few steps of his or her professional life.

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