Hindustan Unilever Plans To Monetize Realty Assets

In 2012, Hindustan Unilever Ltd divested realty assets worth Rs.672 Cr. The company further plans to earn Rs.300 Cr from divesting realty properties by the end of June.
Hindustan Unilever plans to divest its realty assets.

Hindustan Unilever plans to divest its realty assets.

MUMBAI: Hindustan Unilever Ltd is the largest consumer goods firm in India. It produces around three dozens of consumer goods like Bru coffee, Knorr soups, Lipton tea, Lux and many others.

Real estate has never been their core business. However it has fetched them nearly Rs.672 Cr of profit, a value which is higher than all their other profits. Interestingly it is more than the profit of DLF from their real estate business.

During the same period, DLF has earned Rs.596.35 Cr in the form of net profit. The figure shows the net profit of DLF while the consumer producer’s it is the amount which is collected through selling their realty assets.

Though these figures are incomparable, they are mentioned only to make a sense of amount the consumer producer has earned from selling its realty assets.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd is now looking to collect over Rs.300 Cr through divesting its realty properties. The Anglo-Dutch MNC will sell off 55 ultra-luxury apartments. Continue reading