Online Real Estate Touches New Horizons

Online real estate is a fast growing trend in the modern world which is controlled by computer and internet. Online Real estate business at present is the most convenient option.  All bigger real estate firms have their own websites and they prefer to advertise more online vis a vis offline. The present Computer age crowd has much easier access to Internet and they prefer to use it more than any other means to communicate worldwide. The growing number of internet users made the real estate business people shift to online advertising from their old traditional way of advertising. Online real estate advertising companies and agents allow attachment of videos, photos and documents. This in turn gives wider information and looks more attractive and impressive to the people who are looking for such a property at online real estate portals and websites. Thus a website enables one firm to exhibit all their properties at the site. Continue reading

Gurgaon Real Estate Claims Best Investment Option

Many factors and features of Gurgaon make it the best option for the investment. Recent trends show that real estate is the top rated form of investment. The lower interest rates of bank deposits and uncertainty and greater risks of share investments turn the attraction of people to real estate investment. Real estate investment stands ahead of other forms of investment. Real estate investment is getting more popularity and more amount is being invested in real estate. Decreasing number of plots and increasing demand assure the investors that the price never goes down. Real estate as a whole witnessed a steady growth all over the world and India. Among the fast developing real estate sectors in India Gurgaon remained the fastest growing  and the best option for real estate investment. Continue reading

Shivalik Group Announces Emerging Business In Real Estate Projects

“Shivalik Group is a Real Estate and Leading Builders in Gujarat. This ISO: 9001 Group is an esteemed company that has accomplished many prominent infrastructures as well as real estate projects. The organization has a vision to go global imagined through its current expansion, in different cities of Gujarat and India, starting from Rajkot”.

Presently, the organization consists a group of 25 companies, with aggressive marketing and efficient operation…the group has forayed in the first five prominent positions among the real estate developers in the city.

The chairman, Mr. Satish N. Shah who has a vision to diversify from stock broking despite having exceptionally booming business has ventured to enter into realities and has established commanding position in the commercial capital of state of Gujarat. He is the group chairman and basically endeavors towards laying strict norms of policies and also periodically reviewing to the needs of the time.

The company severely believes in making and nuturing relationships. It solidly believes that relationship cannot be established on emptiness. It is the quality which has brought the group to such an esteemed level.

The organozation follows stringent rules for quality assurance… Never to compromise on quality irrespective of market conditions is a theme of the success…is the motto of the company. The company has been certified and has obtained ISO 2001 Certificate from Bureau Veritas.

Out of this, the group has Dynamic team of Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries who look after all the Legal, Financial & Company matters.

Shivalik Plaza, one of the landmark projects has been nominated in the category of best commercial building for the year 2006 by G.I.H.E.D