Hines Realty To Set Foot In India, Seeks Partners

US based Hines realty is planning to set its foot in India. The American real estate firm is seeking Indian partners for developing joint ventures.

Residential market in India is one of the most charming residential markets in the world. It has been attracting investors from across the globe. Private equity investments in the Indian residential market are fine examples. Adding to it is the plan of Hines Realty to enter India. Continue reading

Mid-segment housing now sets to pick up

In the opinion of the industry experts, the mid-segment housing will pick up in the current year. Nearly 50% of the total demand falls in this segment.
Mid-segment housing turns the need of the hour.

Mid-segment housing turns the need of the hour.

Most of the people speak highly about the affordable housing segment and top-end housing segment. However they seldom speak about the mid-income housing segment which is slowly picking up in the current year.

Pointing to the fact that India is a country where the majority of the population falls in the mid-income segment, Ajay Mangal, director and CEO MG Housing Pvt. Ltd spoke in an interview that the Mid-segment housing would pick up this year.

Mr. Mangal said that he expects the Mid-segment housing to pick up this year. He added that the situation will not be much different in Delhi the national capital. Continue reading