Budget 2013 proposes 1% TDS on Rs.50 lakh Apts, by June

The proposed 1% TDS will come into force from June this year. This proposal included in the Budget 2013, is expected to affect the sales of luxury housing units.
1% TDS on luxury houses t by June this year, proposes budget 2013.

1% TDS on luxury houses , proposed by budget 2013, will come into force by June

As proposed in the Budget 2013, those who wish to buy homes or apartments over Rs.50 lakh will have to pay an additional 1% TDS to the government. This will make the apartments costlier.

Those who have booked for flats above the price range fixed by the Budget 2013-14, it will be harder as they will have to deduct an amount as TDS from their payment to the builder. Further they will have to pay the tax and file the returns.

According to the reports of top property research firms, around 5 lakh housing units are believed to be delivered this year. As many homes as the number of people; about the same number of people have ordered for flats. All these people will be affected by the new policy. Continue reading

Luxury housing segment turns costlier after budget 2013

The recently launched Budget 2013 will have an adverse impact on the luxury housing segment. Experts opined that the prices will shoot up in the luxury housing segment.
luxury housing segment will be costlier now with the revised deduction rate.

luxury housing segment will be costlier now with the revised deduction rate.

Was the Budget 2013 really a tolerable one? Though many of the experts have expressed that the budget 2013-14 was a moderate one, looking at the fate of luxury housing segment they may rewrite or overwrite on what they have said or written earlier. Here let us see how the budget will have an impact on the real estate sector as a whole and particularly on the luxury housing segment.

It is true that the real estate sector as a whole has received a slight help from the budget. Precisely saying only the affordable housing segment received a boost from the budget. On the other end, the budget 2013 has slapped on the top earners by imposing additional charges on them.

Luxury homes will be more expensive for the buyers as the budget reduced the rate of reduction on homes and flats from 75% to 70%. The revised deduction will be applicable to all homes and flats with over 2000 sq. ft. Continue reading