Robert Vadra Given Clean Chit on Real Estate Scam by PMO

Robert Vadra is given a clean chit by the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday. Robert Vadra – son-in-law of UPA chief Sonia Gandhi- came out of real estate land scam clean as the PMO- affidavit declared him guiltless.

Robert Vadra was alleged to have involvement in real estate land scam along with real estate developer firm DLF. On Wednesday PMO informed the Allahabad High Court that the allegation against Mr. Vadra seemed false and unreliable. The prime minister’s office told that the allegation was mainly based on rumor. Continue reading

Kejiriwal Sets Up IAC to Lead an Anti-Corruption Crusade

Kejiriwal set up India against Corruption (IAC) his political party on 2nd October this year. The launch of new political party by Arvind Kejiriwal depicts his entry into the politics.

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Mr. Arvind Kejiriwal has a place in the minds of the people as staunch crusader against corruption. To set a political party for himself is seen as a fair movement from his side. He was knocking down many powerful politicians in the name of corruption. Continue reading