Arjun Kapoor Moves To Gurgaon, To Promote His Movie Aurangzeb

Aiming to promote the Bollywood film Aurangzeb, Arjun Kapoor, the hero of the movie, will stay in Gurgaon for a week.

It seems that Bollywood industry is applying new methods for the promotion. The decision of Arjun Kapoor to stay in Gurgaon for a week as part of its promotion, throws glimpses of light to this kind of new promotional methods. Continue reading

NH Bungalow, Renovated Home Of Imran Khan

To show his great love and respect towards his late grandfather Nasir Hussain, Bollywood star Imran Khan has named his home NH bungalow.

Imran Khan has recently got a new home, actually he renovated his ancestral home. However the Bollywood actor has surprised all who thought that it would be named after him, by naming it after his late grandfather Nasir Hussain. His new house is thus called NH bungalow, a bungalow which is a loving tribute to the late filmmaker. Continue reading