Residential Market Likely To Grow Theme-Based

Theme-based housing has become the latest trend in the Indian residential market. According to the industry experts, the theme-based housing projects hold better potentials for growth in India.
Indian residential market becomes theme oriented

Indian residential market becomes theme oriented.

Recent trend in the Indian residential market is that it has become theme-based. Indian realty market witnesses a steady increase in the demand for theme-based housing projects. Viewing this increased demand for theme-based homes; Tata Housing Development Co. Limited is up with many theme-oriented projects.

Speaking to media persons Mr. Rajeeb Dash, marketing head at Tata Housing Development Co. Limited; said that theme based projects are becoming more popular in India. In his opinion theme based projects have a very bright future in the residential market in the upcoming days.

The growing trend is seen as resulting from the people’s contact with the outer world. At present the people of India travel a lot; and they get acquainted with the housing trends in the world-cities like Paris, New York, Dubai and the-like. These cities influence them and moreover they become aware of the western culture and the residential markets there. Continue reading