Watch by CCI on Malpractices

Advertising advertising
Competition Commission of India (CCI)
has decided to take action against the malpractices taking place in the real estate sector. While any specific complaints would be dealt with, misleading the buyers would also be considered as a malpractice.

Some sources revealed that apart from the general complaints of conditions of sale agreements, change in terms, delayed possession and problems faced by consumers while opting out, the complaints of misleading advertisements would also be taken into note.

Sources also revealed that CCI has found a large number of complaints against many leading real estate developers. There exist an Act of Parliament through which the Commission, which gained functionality last July, is empowered to ban any malpractice or penalize the guilty.

According to the Commission, irrespective of any specific builder, the consumer status as far as satisfaction is concerned, is the same. Thus, it is well justified to look into these specific as well as general problems.

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