The importance of green certifications in Indian commercial real estate

According to McKinsey, commercial real estate contributes 40% of global carbon emissions. There is, however, a beacon of hope: green building certifications. 

Though there is a worrying environmental shadow associated with India’s commercial real estate boom– according to McKinsey studies, the sector contributes an astounding 40% of global carbon emissions– there is cause for optimism: green building certifications serve as guidelines for creating environmentally friendly workplaces that will help Indian businesses and the environment grow sustainably. 

Energy Efficiency

Envision offices well-lit by natural light, furnished with energy-efficient appliances, and managed by intelligent technology that maximizes energy consumption. These are made feasible by green buildings. Consider the Infosys campus in Hyderabad, the world’s first IT SEZ building to receive the LEED Platinum certification. Its distinctive double-skin facade reduces heat gain and optimizes natural light, greatly reducing energy use. 

Water Conservation 

Green buildings handle water like a precious commodity. They use water-saving landscaping techniques, low-flow faucets, and rainwater collection for irrigation. Rainwater harvesting is used by its Green Centre in Gurgaon, the nation’s first LEED Platinum-rated building, to meet all its landscaping needs. 

Sustainable Materials 

The building materials of an office have a big effect on the environment. Green certifications encourage people to utilize recycled sustainable, and locally sourced materials to lower transportation-related emissions. A prime example is the World Trade Centre Noida, the first commercial building in India to receive a LEED Gold certification. It was built with minimal environmental impact using fly ash and recycled steel. 

Green buildings have many advantages that go well beyond protecting the environment. They result in observable financial gains for companies. Utility bills decrease as a result of less energy and water used. Furthermore, tenants are very interested in renting out green buildings due to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. For building owners, this means increased rental income and property values. Reputable corporations like GIC, Blackstone, and Brookfield have recognized this trend and are prioritizing their office buildings’ green certifications. 

There are further benefits to green buildings: 

Strengthened Reputation: 

Accompany’s brand image and reputation are strengthened by its commitment to sustainability through green certifications. 

Future- Proofing: 

As environmental laws change frequently, green buildings make it easy to comply with their new requirements. 

Technology is further revolutionizing green buildings: 

  • The Smart Joules system automatically adjusts energy consumption based on occupants and time of day. 
  • Intelligent Water Management: Water helps identify leaks, promotes water-saving practices amongst employees, and utilizes IoT technology to detect and address water leakages efficiently. 
  • Employee Well-Being: Caleedo uses technology to monitor temperature and air quality, creating a comfortable and healthy work environment that improves employee well-being. 
  • Wireless Security Solutions: Organizations such as Spintly provide wireless security systems, which do away with the construction waste that comes with conventional wired systems. 

The need for healthy work environments and the welfare of employees is growing, especially for foreign businesses looking to lease office space in India. Grade A office buildings are adopting this innovation due to this trend. Leaders in the industry understand that adopting green practices is not only wise for the environment but also prudent for business. 

Developers and investors can design and operate environmentally friendly offices by embracing PropTech solutions and green building certifications. These green procedures save money, draw premium tenants, and guarantee long-term success. This dedication to sustainability will influence how offices are built in India going forward, opening the door to a more environmentally friendly and healthful future for all. 

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