Real Estate Voted the Most Preferred India Investment

real estate investment

real estate: Best option of investment in India.

Despite the price hike of Gold and silver, real estate claimed the top spot among the preferred choices for investment in India. Respectively both gold and silver reached the second and third spot. According to survey of PHDCCI which was conducted among the investors, Real estate was voted as the most preferred choice of investment.

Further the PHDCCI Survey revealed that investment pattern in India shows that the highest flow of investment is in the form of traditional investments like real estate market which is followed by gold and silver.

The economic environment’s Uncertainty and the slower growth of the financial markets drag the attention of the people away from them. People felt stock market investment as a highly risky one. So they prefer to invest their money in a less risky way as against that of highly volatile investment avenues like stock Market.

Due to the implementation of manifold income generating flagship programs by the government led rural income to have a sharp rise. This in turn made the real estate market highly preferred. FD (Fixed Deposit) accounts have become another prior avenue of investments.

Real estate investment is considered as less risky and more profitable than any other. The high standard professionals hold on to the leading role in the real estate investment. The occupation wise investment also shows that the real estate is the most preferred option.

Real estate investment is not only preferred by the top professionals but rather by the other classes of profession. This is the same case in relation to the regional divisions of India like metropolitan, urban or suburban or rural populations.

The PHDCCI Survey added that there has been a greater level of preferences shown by the salaried as well as the farmers or the agriculturists. They had shown a greater passion to the gold and silver too.

Speaking further, the survey suggested having a necessity of alteration in the investment pattern in the much talked economy of India.

The government has to take the leading role for the promotion of the financial sector.  Increase in the financial market size has become the very necessary need of the hour. As a conclusion the survey added that there has been an urgent necessity to tackle and face the lack of investment in the financial market.

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