1. Clear title is a necessary prerequisite and thorough due diligence when
    purchasing a property:
    It means when a home with a clear title is transferred to
    someone else, that person becomes the sole undisputed owner, and no other
    the party can make any kind of legal claim to its ownership. See the titles of the
    document of the last 40 years.
  2. No encumbrances or liens: such as taxes and loans: please check that the
    property has no previous taxes pending or previous unpaid loans.
  3. Make sure that the sale deed includes no conditions: It is important that the
    the seller clearly states whether or not there are any conditions attached to the sale of
    the property, such as a no-return policy or other contingencies.


To make sure that you get a good deal when you buy a property, there are certain
factors that you should consider and precautions that you should take. A clear title,
along with no encumbrances or liens. To ensure thorough due diligence when
purchasing a property, make sure that the sale deed includes no conditions such as
restrictions on future mortgage payments or other restrictions on the use of the property.

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