Online Real Estate Touches New Horizons

Online real estate is a fast growing trend in the modern world which is controlled by computer and internet. Online Real estate business at present is the most convenient option.  All bigger real estate firms have their own websites and they prefer to advertise more online vis a vis offline. The present Computer age crowd has much easier access to Internet and they prefer to use it more than any other means to communicate worldwide. The growing number of internet users made the real estate business people shift to online advertising from their old traditional way of advertising. Online real estate advertising companies and agents allow attachment of videos, photos and documents. This in turn gives wider information and looks more attractive and impressive to the people who are looking for such a property at online real estate portals and websites. Thus a website enables one firm to exhibit all their properties at the site.

Online Real Estate advertising in India is one of the most emerging trends in advertising. It is estimated that around 85% of the real estate marketing are started online. There are a large number of online advertising agencies in India now. Magna Global reported that India stood in the 66th position in the ranking of online advertising. India spends around 100 million dollars in a year for online advertising. This is only 0.5 % of the global expense. Due to the increase in the number of Internet users this rate is expected to reach 200 million by the year 2013.

Advantages of Online Real Estate Advertising

  1. Wider Coverage & almost all details in one place.
  2. Larger Audience
  3. Affordability
  4. Flexible Payment
  5. Better Branding
  6. Time Efficiency (24X7)

The modern world is a busy world and people are always busy and are short of time. Thus they look for an option that will save their time. Online real estate advertising is the best way to save your time and money. The advantages such as wider coverage, Greater audience, affordability, flexible payment, better branding etc. make it a better option to afford. The online advertising certainly attracts a larger number of audiences. Unlike the agents the payment is to be made only on the end results. Online advertising rates are determined by the ad’s size, location and market demand. The three globally accepted sizes are 728X 90(65,520 pixels), 300X250 (75000 pixels, 14% larger than 728) and 160X600 (96000 pixels, 28% larger than 300 and 47% larger than 728). Accordingly the 728 charges the least, 300 charges medium and 168 the maximum. The location is another factor that is to be noted before giving an ad online. Normally the ad located above the scroll works very well and brings the maximum output. The Cost per Click (CPC) rate may vary according to the popularity of the site. For example the CPC of is higher than the rate of or So the online real estate marketing has become an essential and invisible part of real estate sector.

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