Kejiriwal Sets Up IAC to Lead an Anti-Corruption Crusade

Kejiriwal set up India against Corruption (IAC) his political party on 2nd October this year. The launch of new political party by Arvind Kejiriwal depicts his entry into the politics.

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Mr. Arvind Kejiriwal has a place in the minds of the people as staunch crusader against corruption. To set a political party for himself is seen as a fair movement from his side. He was knocking down many powerful politicians in the name of corruption.

It was he who brought charges against Sonia Gandhi’s son in law Mr. Robert Vadra. He dared to challenge the opposition leader in acquiring poor farmers’ land. He made the law minister to sweat highly by questioning his role in spending the charity fund.

All these movements carved an image of Corruption crusader. If he dared to call the PM for an open and public debate then why can’t he culminate corruption?

Setting up a political party is not the only way to culminate corruption. But he hoped that it will help to a great level in acquiring people’s support.

Mr. Kejiriwal alleged that both parties (Ruling Congress and Opposing BJP) are drowning in corruption. These parties are in a mutual conspiracy to loot the nation.

All his anti- corruption movements were inspired by the deep disgust against the corruption led politicians. Politicians are tainted by corruption in a high level. His earlier life as a bureaucrat had witnessed many sorts of corruption.

He became noticed by raising his finger against those high class politicians.  This was considered as a brave act which no other had shown earlier. Some of the television channels too pictured him as a great hero by continuously showing reports about him.

The tainted politicians consider this new party as a strategy of  Mr. Kejiriwal. Yet no such politicians are capable of ignoring him. They only call his allegations as a strategy meant to open a door for him to enter politics.

He seemed unshaken and full of confidence even at the threatening of the Delhi C.M. earlier this week. When Mrs. Sheila Dikshit had threatened to send him to jail, he said that he will continue to stand against corruption.

Robert Vadra was his first target. He brought out the manipulated relation of Mr.Vadra with real estate developer DLF. He revealed how the son in law of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi became so powerful within a short span.

While drawing attention to Mr.Vadra’s suspicious dealings he challenged the corrupted politicians as a whole. The congress party insisted that Mr.Vadra is a private citizen into whose matter the government cannot interfere. But the same government seemed protecting him.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid was the next person to be alleged of corruption. He was questioned over the issue of unlawful spending of charity fund worth some million rupees. Mr. Khurshid’s attempt to defend himself went in vain.

Kejiriwal’s next target was Nitin Gadkari, the opposition leader. Mr. Kejiriwal accused of him looting poor farmers of their land. Bharatiya Janata Party degraded his statements as pure exaggeration and misleading statements.

Kejiriwal’s appearance on to the politics and screen first happened along with Anna Hazare. He held his hands together with Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption.

Most of his attempts became failures. His dream of entering into politics is seen as a reason for this failure. Finally his dream became fulfilled on Oct. 2 / 2012 on which he started his new political party. He offered nothing beyond allegations. The people who love India still hope that he will provide something more to make India a corruption-free nation.

Whatever be his idea behind starting a new party, the aim remains hidden to the people. What solution will the new party will bring also is a matter of curiosity and doubt.

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  1. I am a big supporter of Kejriwal and will support him in his venture of entering into politics.


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