India secures good position in GCPS

A survey was conducted by RICS Global Commercial Property called GCPS, according to which performance of real estate in emerging markets like South America and Asia is much higher than that in more developed countries.
As per the survey, in quarter II, occupiers markets picked up, with increased lease demand as compared to first quarter as indicated by countries. However, the rents continue falling in thirty countries out of 46 countries covered under the survey. On the other hand, in 8 out of 10 countries, there is a continuous increase in available spaces.
Also, the expectations from the third quarter 2010 are much higher. India ranked 6th highest amongst 46 countries on the basis of commercial rents while in case of lettings, it ranked at 13th position. India was able to secure 10th position in field of capital values but still as compared to other countries, investment activity in India was relatively lower. This indicates that investment returns are better in other countries.

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  1. Hi Anchal,

    Could I please request you to correct the reference made to the survey mentioned in your post as the RICS Global Commercial Property Survey (GCPS). In your post, it has been incorrectly mentioned as ‘RICS Global Commercial Property called GCPS’.

    We would appreciate if the same could be updated at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anjali Shrivastava
    Asst. Manager, Research & Public Policy
    RICS India

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