India needs to improve healthcare infra by 2017

infra New Delhi: The Indian health infrastructure will need Rs 1,62,500 crore of capital investment to provide accessible and affordable healthcare facilities during 12th Plan period.

India need to comprise minimum 6,50,000 beds from 1.3 beds per 1,000 population to 1.7 beds per 1,000 people by the end of 2017. It needs almost double the infra and investment to boost the sector. The public sector hospitals need to add approximately 1,30,000 more beds. This will push the private sectors to surge 5,20,000 beds and invest Rs 1,30,000 cr in the sector over the next four years.

Raising the need Rs 1,30,000 cr it will require an equity investment of Rs 39,000 cr and Rs 91,000 cr long term debt funding form a private health sector provider.

The scale of creation in large amount will require a strong deed between the private and public sectors.

A new healthcare infrastructure can be created by the Government through a healthcare Infrastructure fund with a preliminary investment of 15,000 cr. The Government can also introduce REITS facility in the health sector. Starting a nodal agency for health sector to speed up the growth and construction of healthcare infra can be introduced.

The public-private sectors should scale up their partnership in the creation of health infra and enriching financial access for every citizen will be an added advantage in the country.

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