How to calculate the Super built-up area

When you purchase a property, there is the term “super built-up area”. It means the build-up area of a flat and plus pro rata common area. For example, the total common space is 8000 square feet among 8 flats in a complex, so the pro rata common area of a single flat will be 1000 square feet.

So, the loading factor is the difference between the Super built-up area and the carpeted area.

Let’s assume that on the fifth-floor society, Ajay owns an apartment with a built-up area of 1,000 square ft. On the same floor, Darkshit owns an apartment with a built-up area of 2,000 square ft. The total common area on the floor is 1,500 square ft. 

Now let’s calculate the super built-up area of these two apartments. To do this, we divide the ratio of their built-up area from 1 to 2 and add 500 square ft extra space in Ajay’s total built-up area and 1,000 square ft extra in Darkshit’s built-up area. These calculations give us a total super built-up area for Ajay’s apartment of 1,500 square ft and for Darkshit’s apartment of 3,000 square ft.

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