Is it the exact price for the property? Perhaps this is the question that keeps on creeping in people’s mind ever since they make up their mind to buy or sell a property. So it is important to spot the right price for making a successful real estate deal. There are certain things which every one should keep in mind to arrive at the decent levels of property-valuation and deal are:
1. Excellent roads in the border of and within the society add value to the property.
2. Value depends on the profile of the locality where the property is located.
3. Connectivity with transport equally important for buyer’s point of view. In fact, property in surrounding area to these facilities makes sound investment proposition.
4. People avoids locality that are nearer to riot prone area or communally polarized.
5. Not to mention, green atmosphere, civic facilities like safe drinking water, continuous power supply and proper drainage system are the first choice of the buyer.

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