Green building concept fails in Madhya Pradesh

The Green building concept absolutely fails in Madhya Pradesh where no building is rated ‘green.’
Green Building concept attracts no builders in Madhya Pradesh.

Green Building concept attracts no builders in Madhya Pradesh.

BHOPAL: The efforts of the Madhya Pradesh government have gone in vain. Despite the incentives provided by the government, real estate developers of the state show no interest in Green building concept. Sadly there is no ‘green’ rated building in Madhya Pradesh.

Demand for green buildings is increasing in cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The builders of these areas are also striving hard to develop green projects.

A green building is that building which conserves all natural resources. It uses less water and energy. Such buildings are highly energy efficient. By reducing the level of waste, they provide healthier living spaces to the occupants. Thus they are entirely different from conventional buildings.

In India there are 352 green buildings. Green Building Council (IGBC) is the authority which rates green buildings.

Developers blame the lengthy certification process for the failure of Green building concept in MP. Due to this lengthy process, it is really tough for the developers to develop and deliver such projects.

Green building concept, not welcomed by Madhya Pradesh.

Green building concept, not welcomed by Madhya Pradesh.

Jitendra Mehta, an IGBC member from MP, agrees that the process is lengthy. He added that the initial registering is costly. Due to this the construction –cost rises by 15 to 20%. To avoid this property price hike, majority of the developers do not go for it.

Mr. Mehta stated that 50 to 60% of the new launches are energy efficient. Once the certification made convenient, the builders will go for it. Initially the cost is higher. Benefits will follow after 7 to 8 years.

When asked about having no green building in the state, Mr. Mehta said that the builders are showing no interest in the Green building concept. He added that IGBC boasts of the benefits and subsidies of the green building the builders remain uninterested.

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