Fight between Civic body & developers’ floods Real Estate Hub

images Bhubaneswar: Certain areas in the outskirts of the Bhubaneswar, the Odisha’s capital city is fast gaining the notoriety. Places like Sundarpada, Raghunathpur, which are in famous for water logging at compounds of high rises and apartments due to unplanned construction. Specially, Raghunathpur is emerging a real estate hub with top residential developers are floating in with projects there. Most of these projects are under water due to continuous rain last week. The drainage system is very bad in the area.

Basements, approach roads, and ground floors of these buildings are under water and it is yet to recede in many. Poor planning has is the main reason behind the man made floods. When the multi-storey apartments were built started no one thought to improve the drainage system if the area.

The new developing residential area and its surrounding lie in a valley of farmland where rain water from Chandaka forest reserve and Nandankan’s Kanjia lake flows into. Since the agri lands were converted to residential plots rainwater is bound to entre the buildings.

As Bhubaneswar is a planned city and the landscape is such that it should never face waterlogging. But the problem is the messy growth and poor implementation of norms which cause the waterlogging in the city.

The developers in the area allege the drainage division and lack of monitoring by the civic body for the unplanned growth. But the BDA blamed the builders for the problem. According to them housing projects around the city suffer due to poor planning and many of them simply ignore constructing proper drainage system.



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