Explore Finest Flats in Delhi for Rent: Renting Made Easy

There are many flats for rent in Delhi, but when looking for your “first apartment,” a few questions arise: which apartment should you choose? Which one best suits my lifestyle? Which flat would be the most accommodating for you?

Choosing how the space will be used and organized is crucial because every flat is alike, and each offers its residents a different experience. Here are many apartment types broken down by size: These suggestions will assist you in selecting your ideal flat for rent in Delhi that will serve as your new residence.

  1. Sharing a flat is contrary to doing so in a room! It is similar to a house where several people live together. The use of shared flats is intended to save money on rent. It also enables a company to be run by a single individual, reducing maintenance. Independent workers who frequently travel without their families want this kind of apartment. 
  2. Most bachelors favor closed-studio apartments, as the most prevalent type, for their privacy and sense of security. This type of Delhi flat for rent can comfortably accommodate two to three people or one significant other. As a result, it is a long-term option for single bachelors seeking freedom and stability. 
  3. Getting an apartment to rent and turning it into an office has become common, if not downright profitable, in the modern world of startups. A shared office is a collaborative work environment where entrepreneurs, consultants, start-ups, and freelancers can work independently, create projects, and projects, and network with coworkers. 

Finding an ideal apartment to rent in Delhi can be challenging at first, but if you concentrate on what you need from this apartment, you will find it easier as you go. Be sure to get consulting from Propertywala. We’re ready to help you find the perfect place to stay.  

Where to move in?

Old Delhi, also known as Purani Dilli, and New Delhi, also known as Nayi Dilli, are the two distinct neighborhoods that make up the capital city. While the congested and winding streets of Old Delhi are well known for their eateries, historical sites, and rich culture, New Delhi offers a fresh alternative. 

Here are a few quick tips if you are wondering where to start looking for a place to stay. 


It can be challenging to relocate, especially if you don’t know which neighborhood to choose. Unlike Pune, Delhi offers a wide variety of housing because they are dispersed throughout the city. In most areas of Delhi, there is a high likelihood of pollution and poorer air quality. To ensure your safety, you should purchase an air purifier. 

Try to find a flat, preferably in a gated community or a safe area, closer to your place of employment, even though Delhi has a high cost of living because it is the capital and is close to other states. That will make your commute shorter and cheaper while keeping you safe. 


Take time to walk around and explore the area after choosing a place to stay to get a sense of the neighborhood. If you need anything later, it’s always a good idea to scope out the closest pharmacy or grocery store. Delhi offers all the benefits that come with living in a big city. Make the most of your new city life using apps like BigBasket, Dunzo, and Grofers. 


Delhi will be a foodie’s paradise if you love to eat! Delhi is like a street food buffet. Delhi’s street food is to die for, with multiple dishes ranging from paranthas at Chandni Chowk to chicken specialties at Purani Dilli, chaats, and spicy momos. Go on, munch away!

Daily commute 

Delhi has an excellent metro system, making getting around the city relatively simple. Delhi’s metro system is reasonably priced and has nearly eliminated the difficulties of using public transportation on the roads. With the metro line expanding each year, there are plenty of options close by if you still need to travel by car. It is easy to locate a DTC bus, an auto rickshaw, or a cycle rickshaw anywhere in the city. 

Before moving in…

Finding an ideal place to live in a new city is harder than adjusting to the work culture of the new workplace. 

Searching for a rental apartment has become a skill a person coming to a new city should learn. So here are a few pointers to keep in mind while searching for a rental accommodation so that you don’t just land a place to crash but rather to live! 

Rent: The most essential factor to consider when looking for housing is the rent. Always consider your income and the expenses related to the rent, such as the water bill and maintenance. 

Water Supply:  Water supply is a serious issue today, particularly in urban areas like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Landing in a desirable location is useless when there’s no adequate water supply. Water is one of the essential commodities without which we cannot survive; hence, it will do you more harm than good. 

Power backup: Lack of access to WiFi, air conditioning, and other amenities can result from power failure. When your boss tells you to leave because you can’t finish the work from home, it can feel like a curse from your landlord and a nightmare. So make sure you have a reliable backup system. 

Security deposit: An expensive security deposit is a pain. In cities like Bangalore, you must submit a security deposit as large as the rent ten months in advance. So consider this factor and try to negotiate it as much as possible. 

Furnished: High rent, staying in a partially furnished apartment wastes your time and money. Spending a lot of cash on new furniture for your apartments is not a good idea. 

Planning to rent a flat in 

North Delhi 

The National Capital Territory is located in North Delhi, giving it special status as Delhi’s administrative district. The Town Hall, Tis Hazari, and Mutiny Memorial are well-known landmarks in North Delhi, where it has historically been the major tourist destination. North Delhi is home to the Delhi School of Economics and quaint, historic markets like Sadar Bazaar, Khan Market, and the Bazaar. The Delhi School of Economics and charming, old markets like Sadar Bazaar and Khan Market can be found in North Delhi. If you love shopping, there’s something for every budget at Sadar Bazaar. Recommended! Finding a place in Rohini Sector 18/19, GTB Nagar, Model Town, or Kamla Nagar is a deal if you want to relocate here. Because of its level of connectivity and other significant factors, north Delhi also has residential status. 

South Delhi 

Regarding the standard of living in Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal (NDMC) could be the best option, but South Delhi is a close second. Some of Delhi’s best restaurants, nightclubs, and tourist attractions are in South Delhi. South Delhi is the location of all significant properties and housing options, and it is renowned for its quiet neighborhoods and convenient access. Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, and Hauz Khas are other famous landmarks in this area. 

It’s best to look for a place near Malviya Nagar, Rohini (Sector 24), Lajpat Nahar, or Greater Kailash if you’re looking for a place to settle down in South Delhi. Saket and Malviya Nagar due to its proximity to Gurgaon, major city landmarks, and shopping centers. 

East Delhi 

East Delhi, a significant area of Delhi along the Yamuna River, is now a necessary component of Delhi because it houses its administrative and commercial hubs. One of the most upscale residential areas, shopping centers, and elegant restaurants are all located in East Delhi. 

Preet Vihar in East Delhi is a well-liked neighborhood because of its educational institutions and popular hangout spots. If you want to move to East Delhi, several areas have affordable housing options, including Mayur Vihar, Preet Vihar, New Ashok Nagar, and Laxmi Nagar. Mayur Nagar is a highly recommended neighborhood for families and single people due to its proximity to Noida and other essential parts of the city. 

West Delhi 

West Delhi is another option if you’d like to rent a flat in Delhi. Additional security measures are in place because this area is a part of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. West Delhi has excellent access to all of Delhi’s districts and a moderate cost of living. 

This is a fantastic choice because it has many amenities like convenience stores and several restaurants. You can find any type of housing that fits your budget in this area because the cost of living is quite reasonable. As a result of its large neighborhood and selection of low-cost housing. Dwarka is a highly recommended location. Depending on your needs, look at the apartments near Janakpuri, Rajouri Garden, or Tagore Garden.

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