Expatriates’ Struggle For Finding Right Home

Finding the right kind of place to live in is not that easy when you come down to a different country.

Coming from a foreign land and making India their home is not an easy task for most expatriates, considering the differences in culture, language, lifestyle, habits and so many other small things that we don’t even realize in our everyday lives. It’s definitely not child’s play. Setting up a new home, taking care of intricate details and also making a large number of adjustments is what comprises an expatriate’s life in the initial phase of settling down in a new country. Jim Gainsford , Regional Director (North), CEC shares his experiences of settling down in India.

Talking about how he found a home for himself in the National Capital, Delhi, Gainsford, who comes from the United Kingdom expresses, “I live in DLF Central Park, Gurgaon, Haryana, just outside Delhi and I chose to live here because it is very close to my office. I am single and needed a single apartment close to my office.”

He states that he was extremely fortunate that he was saved of a lot of time while he was house hunting, because he was shown a suitable place in Gurgaon within the first few times only, and thus, did not have to waste his time ‘house hunting’ for long.

Though for Gainsford, Gurgaon is just the perfect place to live in, there are a few changes that he feels will make this area a better area to live in.

“Hopefully, the main developer in Gurgaon will one day make an effort to finish off and tidy up the roads and open space areas linking and between their buildings. Most of the traffic problems in Gurgaon stem from the badly constructed roads which are already in a state of disrepair, a situation exacerbated by the total absence of a traffic plan and/or controlled signaling, adequate signage and illegal breaks in central reserves that are not policed at all,” he avers.

It’s not all that easy to settle down in a country which holds no similarity to one’s own homeland. A lot of adjustments need to be done and some major changes have to be made to one’s lifestyle too apart from the basic change in the living environment.

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