The environmental standards is also set for smaller buildings

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In a statement the environment ministry said to TOI that idea of integrating with environmental conditions with building permissions is to insure smaller buildings also meet the environmental standards.  Buildings area between 5,000 to 20,000 square feet meters were not under the EIA (environment impact assessment) earlier but now according to new model building laws, smaller buildings will be controlled by urban local bodies.

Manoj Kumar Singh, joint secretary said,’’ The main aim is to construct buildings follow norms of environment”. He also added that “The matter of smoothing clearance for real estate sector and building has been under review with many stakeholders for some while, the states will send proposals, after inspecting the ministry of environment will announce decision to the individual state that environmental clearance is necessary for building in those states is important or not.’’

In February urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu, wrote to the ministry of environment about the profit of these notice for real estate sectors. The ministry’s of environment said that among various ministries matter has been under discussion. Buildings which will get environmental clearance will be under 1986 E (P) or 2006 EIA Notification.


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