Delhi Township And Delta Township Real Estate Are New Investments Opportunities

Delta Township just built a brand new library that recently opened. It has plenty of events being offered this year for all ages. Delta has been a thriving and dynamic community that supports education, planned growth, safety and a positive community.

Delhi Township has mastered the art of balancing development and quality of life. Delta Township describes itself as a superb growing ground for children and teens. Holt School District boasts four Michigan Exemplary Schools, and Holt’s high school was recognized as one of the top 100 schools in the nation.

The housing market has been challenging this year to say the least, however compared to other communities; both Delta and Delhi offer a great selection of homes that will provide a solid long-term investment for the home buyer. They have also held their value better than some areas of the country, considering the numerous media articles that have focused on bank foreclosure filings that make up less than 2 % of the nations homes and 75% of those will never be foreclosed upon due to workouts.

There’s a big difference in buying a home that is for sale and buying a bank foreclosure, which will make another good post at a later date. Right now is a great time to buy a home for long term investment.

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