Decision under analysis for hike in Pune Property tax

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A big  offer in property tax could be withdrawn as the standing committee has shown its eagerness to revise the general’s body decision taken in February to set up funds for 24×7 Water supplies.

Balasaheb Bodke, standing committee chief said that “The proposal has been propose before us. The administration will be call in before taking a final call. Now, it has been sent for a review. The property tax department will take a call on it and send it to us.

For 2016-2017 economic, the general body in February accepts a 12% hike up in water tax, which is a unit of property tax. There is also a plan to hike up the tax by 15% in every economical term from that day till 2020-2021. Congress, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and Shiv Sena had clashed the move but the ruling Nationalist Congress Party, with the support of Bhartiya Janta Party, maintain to clear the outline.

In 2016 January, the PMC administration had offer a boost of 50% in water charges, describing that the funds hence develop will be used for giving fair water to all. The offer also describes that the commissioner will have the upright to increase it by 5% for the coming 30 years. The existing committee in February made changes in the offer and preferred 12% hike for the year 2012017, followed 15% hike up whole year 2020-2021 and right to the commissioner of municipality for increasing 5%tax annually till the year 2047.

The ordinary body made more changes to the offer. It rejected the plan of giving the civic administration to the right to increase the tax by 5%every year till 2047, but approved other demands.

PMC officials say the administration will have to check the feasibility of changing the decision. The offer has already been accepted by the ordinary body. The opinion about changing in the tax pattern again will have to take at the ordinary body. After standing committee’s approval, the proposal will be sent to the general body for a final stamp. Only then the proposal could be discarded.


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