DDA Plans Reconstruction Of Dangerous Houses

Increasing incidents of building collapse prompt Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to reconstruct dangerous and unsafe buildings in the city. However DDA’s plans of reconstruction are dependent on building owners whose consent is necessary for the reconstruction.
DDA proposes a reconstruction of unsafe buildings

DDA proposes a reconstruction of unsafe buildings

Recently Disaster Management Authority conducted a survey on unsafe buildings in the National Capital. Using the survey a team of experts have focused five areas of the city where many buildings are identified as dangerous and unsafe. The team proposed to the DDA that the buildings in these areas have to be renovated or totally reconstructed.

The proposal has already been approved, though only in-principle, by an LG – headed DDA meeting. However the financial matters are to be worked out. Fatehpur Beri, Gandhi Nagar, Kondli, Lal Kuan and Lalita Park are the five areas which have been selected for the reconstruction of unsafe houses. These areas have witnessed a number of building collapses recently.

DDA plans to appoint a consultant to prepare and submit a detailed report on the condition of buildings in the prescribed areas. Additionally the consultant will have to study the areas’ status and recommend measures, revealed sources.

DDA plans to reconstruct the damaged houses

DDA plans to reconstruct the damaged houses

Chief engineer (project) Mr. P K Vats heads the expert team which contains the chief engineer (quality control) and other some senior officials. DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar said that the project will be launched very soon.

A senior official said that the Authority has identified the unsafe buildings which have to be rebuilt entirely or need some patch-works. The identification was done on the visual basis and the Authority will step into further detailed studies to gain more details about the project.

DDA plans to select three or four most unsafe buildings in each area first. Once the selection is done the buildings will be further examined carefully to decide whether the building needs a total reconstruction or a partial one.

Whatsoever the project will be practical only with the consent fo the home owners. They can move further only once they attain the consent from them. Regarding the financial matters also DDA has not reached a decision point.

According to some the building owners have to pay partial amount for the construction, others opine that the fund can be met from the DDA fund or other urban development fund. Still some others opine that the increased Floor Area Ratio or Floor Space Index can help funding the project.

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