CREDAI Appreciates AP Govt.’s Online Approval System

Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India- CREDAI, welcomed the AP Govt.’s online approval of building plans. The apex body of builders pointed this as highly appreciable.

Andhra Pradesh Government has launched single window system for approving the building plans of real estate projects. CREDAI appreciated the real estate reforms like online building plan approval and single window system. Earlier this year the apex body of the real estate developers had asked for speedy clearance.

CREDAI’s national head Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain pointed the attempt of Andhra Pradesh government. He said that this online approval will bring down the prices to a greater level in the state.

According to Mr. Jain this online approval can cut short the delay which affects the cost of real estate property as a whole. Approval will become faster. The Cities like Hyderabad and other cities also will have a positive impact. The surging housing need in the city can be solved out with faster online approvals.

Welcoming the Andhra Pradesh Government’s move to go in for online approvals, he said that CREDAI had requested for such systems previously. This will cut short corruption which real estate developers face. By reducing the human interference the amount of corruption also will be less.

Corruption is the greatest enemy of real estate. Real estate developers are termed promoters of corruption. However Mr. Jain said that this is ridiculous because real estate developers are not corruption promoters rather they are ‘corruption- victims.’  There is no way out than to bribe the officials to get the approval.

As per the current system the real estate developers are to approach nearly 40 officials for getting the approval. With the launch of online approval system there is chance for less corruption and speedy approval.

CREDAI decided not to bribe any officials. The state government of AP has appointed a committee to conduct the online approvals.

Single window system for the submission of building plans also is welcomed by the apex body of developers. Mr. Jain expressed his hope that other Indian states will follow Andhra in launching online building approvals.

He also expressed his grief over the negligence of Central Government towards the real estate. The Central government has not given ear to CREDAI’s plea for real estate reforms like online building clearance and single window systems. The Centre still pushes for Real Estate Regulator bill, moaned Mr. Jain.

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