Construction Halted in Noida, After NGT Bans Groundwater- Use

National Green Tribunal recently prohibited the use of groundwater for construction- purpose. After the order the builders of Noida and Greater Noida have halted their projects.
No more groundwater for construction- NGT Order passed in Noida.

No more groundwater for construction- National Green Tribunal’s Order prohibits the Noida builders to use groundwater for construction.

National Green Tribunal (NGT) recently  prohibited the builders from drawing groundwater for construction purposes. After the order the builders of Noida and Greater Noida have decided to halt their construction works.

The NGT Order was released on last Friday. The builders said that they will have talks with the Noida Authority soon to clear out the authenticity of the order.

An official of a real estate firm which has many under- construction projects in Noida and Greater Noida said that the firm has stopped all the pumps which were used for drawing underground water. He added that water is a main component for constructing the structure of any building.

Noida builders halt construction due to NGT Order

Builders halt construction in Noida after NGT banned the use of groundwater for construction.

He added that the firm does not want to violate the NGT Order and so it has stopped drawing underground water with immediate effect. He said that the firm is waiting for the clarification of the order before they resume their halted construction works.

Some other real estate builders said that they are currently using the water which was drawn prior to the order. They revealed that the water stock may not last more than one week as the situation goes on like this.

Builders said that in case the order is not removed they will have to bring water from other areas which in fact will add on to the cost of construction. They said that they will have to pay for the water. Besides, they will have to bear the transportation cost.

This additional amount of construction- cost will be levied on the prospective buyers and they will be levied the extra- cost. A CREDAI– representative of Greater Noida said that they are planning out a strategy which will reduce the “additional” burden on the home buyers. He added that the builders expect that the buyers will realize the inevitability of price- hike.

Meanwhile the home- buyers remain worried about the haled construction. Some of the buyers expressed that they may have to cancel their booked flats as the rate may become unaffordable. The builders have asked the buyers to wait for one more week before they take the final decision. Builders expressed that they will be able to tell anything about the price- hike only once they are cleared about the NGT Order.

2 thoughts on “Construction Halted in Noida, After NGT Bans Groundwater- Use

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  2. Dear All,

    This BAN means nothing . Yet another way if making money for the Babus. The same Ban was imposed in Gurgaon but nothing has changed.

    The solution offered in Gurgaon was to use treated sewage water for construction purposes , but all builder bring in a few Tanker of this sewage water just as a eye wash and use the ground water in reality.

    So don’t worry , nothing will happen in Noida wrt the status if construction. It will keep going.

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