Coaching centers boost realty market in Kota

Realty market in Kota receives a great boost from the coaching centers in the city. Students, who are flocking to Kota for getting coaching for IITs and Medical entrance, demand mainly 1 BHK and studio apartments.

JAIPUR: Kota is known for its IIT and medical entrance coaching centers. For getting proper training, students from the neighboring states are also flocking to the city. This has in turn boosted the realty market here.

Coaching centers boost real estate growth in Kota.

Coaching centers boost real estate growth in Kota.

Though majority of the students are living in hostels, the numbers of those who live in rented homes also are not less.

While many of them along with friends live in rented homes, those students who are coming to stay with the guardians or one of the parents or grandparents, are demanding more for 1 BHK apartments or studio apartments.

According to the enrollment-data available with the coaching centers, nearly 1.2 lakh students are there in the city.

Studio apartments receive greater demand from the children who are enrolled in coaching centers.

Studio apartments receive greater demand from the children who are enrolled in coaching centers.

With the purpose of making use of this higher demand for studio apartments and single bedroom apartments, developers in the city are coming up with various projects with these sorts of housing unit options.

Suwalka and Suwalka Group is one of them. Speaking on the issue, the group’s project director Manish said that the group has many under construction1 BHK and studio apartment projects.

Realty market in Kota is receiving huge investments. Along with the construction of coaching centers, the developers develop various residential and commercial projects including shopping malls.

Besides, there are many educational institutions under construction. All these investments, however, are dependent on the growing numbers of students.

The parents of these students see buying a flat in the city is more as an investment option. Though they do not have the plan to stay in the city, they think of selling them off once their children finish their coaching.

Many of the parents, while inquire about the admissions in the coaching centers, seek details about single bedroom apartments or studio apartments, said one of the proprietor of a coaching center. Parents remain cautious about the living environment of their children. Whatsoever, finally it is realty that benefits from these coaching centers.

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