Chandigarh: Now a part of Smart City mission

download (3)Among fast track list of 13 towns Chandigarh was also included in in smart cities projects.  Estimated cost will be around Rs 6,200 crore. The aim of smart city is to maintain the comfortable living and sustainability of the city.  Baldeo Purushartha, municipal commissioner of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and CEO of Chandigarh Smart city Ltd.

The main focus is on Area-Based Development and pan-city development plan. Purushartha says sectors 17, 22, 35 will be developed as smart sectors of the city. The aim of Pan-city plan is to improve safety and public life, smart and integrated e-governance and livability.  The internal areas of sector 17 will be made vehicle free zone.  Residents will receive 24×7 water supplies, smart meters for electricity, water consumers, personalized mobile app services to accesses facilities.

Jan Marg, one of the central lifelines of the city, will be pedestrianized on weekends – art fairs, yoga sessions, sports and street shows will be organized here and food stalls set up.

Mr. Purushartha says‘’ Plan also have multi nodal command and control center to control water , call police, fire, ambulance, disaster management, fire systems, more e rickshaw which will replace diesel and petrol rickshaws, , buses will be electric and battery operated, food courts, street lights, poles lights, solar based LED, Urban design for plazas and solar plants on rooftops .’’

According to Purushartha both projects will be completed in the period of 2 years.

Estimated cost will be around Rs 6,200 crore, for pan city proposal Rs 250 crore and for ABD (area based development) Rs 5,950 crore.



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